Adam Sartain




Stats: 5’10”

Degree: BA Music: Performance UC Davis

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Willing to travel

About Adam Sartain


Adam has been performing just about his entire life, from talent shows in Elementary school to Band and Orchestra to Independent Films to Community Theatre. Taking a State job in 2007, he inspected low-income housing, auditing files and conducting physical inspections. Though he had a day job as a bureaucrat, he continued to support and participate in the performing arts. He joined the Citrus Heights Community Marching Band in 2007 and became it's director in 2009, leaving in 2010 to focus on a State Assembly Campaign where he recorded and produced his own radio ads with the help of friends. He began performing on stage with the Davis Musical Theatre Company in 2006 as the title character in their production of The Wizard of Oz and in 2010 joined their Board of Directors, becoming Vice President around 2013 all while performing in countless shows on stage. Being bit hard by the acting bug in 2016, he sold his house, quit his job, and resigned from 3 different non-profit boards to move to Hollywood and follow his dream of becoming a film/tv actor. Since, he has starred in a few student films, a national commercial for eHarmony (which he booked within 3 months of arriving), an episode of Exposed with Deborah Norville on Reelz Channel, and a web-series or 2. He has also lent his voice to a couple animated pilots and English dubs of 3 different Ultraman movies. More recently he jumped into producing and writing as he dusted off the script of a musical he collaborated on with friends starting in 2014 and creating an abridged version for the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival, which he executive produced alongside a team of producers and brought 7 performances to the Hollywood Fringe in June of 2018 to rave audience reviews. After winning an Encore award, the production went on for 3 more performances in July. In September of 2018, he booked his first "Under 5" role on an episode of TruTV's Adam Ruins Everything and thus earned his SAG Eligibility. 

2010 - present

Exposed with Deborah Norville:      Guest Star               No Studio Productions

"Boy Bands Robbed"

Adam Ruins Everything                   Under 5                   Nice Little Day Productions

"Adam Ruins a Plate of Nachos"

The Verdict with Judge Hatchet       Guest Star               Entertainment Studios

"Blinding White Christmas" 

2010 - present

Donny's Party                                    Featured Extra        Jonny Comebacks

Dr. Sower's Couples Therapy           Lead                        Creative Neighbors Productions

for Grownups

Man Drops Dead  (2017)                  Supporting               Jason Phillips

Under Heart  (2017)                          Lead                        NYFA / Qiushi Xu

Gwendolyn Gloom and the Plan       Principal                  USC School of Cinematic Arts / Julia Tang

to Catch Santa Claus (2016)

Study Break (2016)                           Principal                  Chapman University (Student Short) / Alex Greenlee

Where Two or More (Sizzle Reel)    Principal                   Rob Smat Films



Charlie's Closet (2010)                     Principal                  Sandline Entertainment / Spencer Reed

Candy Girl (Short)                            Supporting               Baby Jane Films / Julianne Gabert

The Desert (2007)                            Lead                        Arch's Auto Productions

Voice Over

The Andersons  (Pilot)                        Principal/Various                Snakebyte Productions 

Too Beautiful For This Planet (Pilot)   Lead/Various                     Mike Smolev Productions

Ultraman Saga                                   Supporting/Various            William Winkler Productions

Ultraman Zero                                    Supporting/Various            William Winkler Productions

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy    Supporting/Various            Warner Brothers/William Winkler Productions

Web Ghosts: PiPoPa                         Principal/Various                William Winkler Productions

(Pilot Episodes)

Prism Paradise                                  Principal                             William Winkler Productions

(Pilot Episodes)

Rhythm of the Piper                          Supporting                          Doctor Who Audio Dramas 

Dying of the Light                              Principal                             Doctor Who Audio Dramas / Jamie Hardwick

Twelfth Night                                     Supporting/SFX                  Emerson/Da Vinci Jr. High School / Kendra Smith

That Kind of Girl                                Supporting                          The Secretions (Music Video) / Aaron M. Lane

Theatre/Live (Partial List)

Magical Christmas Train                 Santa Claus                           Sacramento River Train

November/December - 2019                                                         Shelle Hart

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride        Redneck (Scare Actor)          13th Floor Entertainment Group

September/October - 2019                                                                           

Public Comment, a New Musical    Mayor Wilson                         Public Comment Productions/

June/July - 2018                                                                            The Actors Company

Beauty and the Beast                     Cogsworth                              Celerity Global Development

March - 2017

The Music Man                               Marcellus Washburn              Davis Musical Theatre Co.

June/July - 2016

Man of La Mancha                          Sancho                                  Davis Musical Theatre Co. 
February - 2016

The Producers                                Mr. Marks/Ensemble              Davis Musical Theatre Co. 
January - 2016

Seussical The Musical                    Mr. Mayor                               Davis Musical Theatre Co.
September - 2015

Catch Me If You Can                      Agent Branton                         Runaway Stage Productions
June - 2015

Anything Goes                                Mr. Whitney                             Davis Musical Theatre Co.
January - 2015

Shrek: The Musical                         Sugar Plum Fairy/Thelonius   Davis Musical Theatre Co.
September/October - 2014

Cabaret                                           Ensemble                                Davis Musical Theatre Co.
January - 2014


Spamalot                                        Mayor/Herbert’s Father            Davis Musical Theatre Co.
September/October - 2013


Urinetown: The Musical                 Old Strong/Hot Blades Harry    Davis Musical Theatre Co.
February/March - 2013

A Christmas Carol,                        Ghost of Christmas Present/      Davis Musical Theatre Co.
November/December - 2012         Young Ebenezer

Titanic: A New Musical                  Bruce Ismay                               Davis Musical Theatre Co.
April/May - 2012


Training & Workshops

Various Voice Over Production Workshops - Ray Nakamoto Productions, 2013

Voice World International -, May 2013

Karen Armstrong - On Camera Workshop, ongoing since Sept 2016

Actor's Key - Several workshops starting in Sept 2016

Upright Citizen's Brigade - Improv 101, Feb 2017

The Actor's Company - Commercial VO Workshop, Oct 2017

Other Projects

Web Series/Streaming:

Kevin Hart: Don't F** This Up   Self                                      Netflix

Kevin Hart: Lyft Legend            Self                                      LOL Network     

Adam Plays the Tuba               Self                                      Adam Sartain Productions

Everybody Loves Luigi             Toad                                    Radioactive Robot Productions

Music Videos:

Alone in America                      The Hick                             Drunken Logic

The Holidays With You             Off-Duty Santa                   Vanishing Angle Productions

(Sara Watkins)


The EDOM Project                    Various Voices                   Fractalzend Audio

Hyper Cast Go!                         Mr. Voice                            Radioactive Robot Productions

Resolution! w/Chuck Ryan Jr.   Interviewer/Host                 Chuck Ryan Jr. Productions

Hollywood Key Masters            Co-Host                              Hollywood Key Masters


Sunday Sillies at Flappers, Burbank, 10/2/2016


All-Star Thursday at Ha Ha Cafe, NoHo, 12/22/16

Event Emcee/Host:

Energy Upgrade CA Food Truck, "Mediocre Chef", May/June 2019

Hollywood Horror Fest, Emcee, July 2018/2019

Boobs and Blood Film Festival, Emcee, October 2018/2019

Los Angeles Animation Festival, Emcee, December 2018/2019

Dogtoberfest: Sacramento's Ugliest Dog Contest and Cutest Canine Pageant,  Emcee,   Annually 2011 - 2015      

Celebrate Natomas, Emcee, 2014

Nativus: A Dramatic Choral Interpretation - Vocal Art Ensemble, Narrator/Emcee/Acting Consultant, Dec 2014


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